There are all kinds of uses for wool that you would never imagine. I heard that if you enfold your turkey in a woollen vest it will keep it cool til you cook it. I suppose you could knit one in your favourite colours. It reminds me of those woollen undergarments I had to wear as a child. And there were even woollen swimming costumes, though fortunately I wasn’t made to wear one. They sagged when you went swimming. This weekend we discovered that you can have a woollen coffin. A Yorkshire company responding to the need for green funerals came up with the idea. There were some on sale in Wales. Natural cream or brown. Biodegradable. Not cheap at £600. I think I would want to reuse it at that price. It was like a big blanket in a cardboard box and you could insert poles at the sides to enable bearers to carry the body. The marketing information tells you that it gives the body a nice feeling. Makes the bereaved feel they are wrapping their relative in a big warm blanket.

Someone asked if you could cremate the body.’Yes’ they said. But ‘What about the smell?’ the questioner asked. The seller gave her a withering look and suggested that anyone buying one of these ‘natural products’ would probably be buried. How does she know? Still weird. There were woollen wedding dresses (a boon if you were marrying this weekend in Wales!) And the man demonstrating the use of a carding machine seemed to have wool hair. No really! I couldn’t photograph him with my iPad as it would have been too obvious. But he had a bald pate with strands of hair wound around his head in a style that couldn’t have been natural.

We didn’t buy any of these strange woollen products. But we did buy two sheepskin car seats. A bargain at £2.50 each. I think they are the sort of things old people buy. I can’t wait to hear the kids’ reaction.


1 thought on “Fleeced

  1. I didn’t notice these the other day! It’s a slippery slope towards tartan blankets, flasks and crumbs in the car…!

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