Talented artists

My friend Dave and his mates belong to an arts collective called Vanilla Galleries. They managed to secure funding for a BBC/Arts Council project that involves dramatising the news live as it streams through into their studio in Leicester called The Space. It featured on the BBC national news last night, alongside Gilbert & George and other digital media exponents.

See them via http://www.the news.vg. All this week. It’s ground-breaking stuff apparently.

I love their experimental art even though I don’t always understand it. We have endless discussions because I insist I have to see skill and craftsmanship. I think Dave believes these are trumped by innovation. But I am trying to understand and broaden my artistic horizons. I like to know whether artists work in order or chaos, where they get their inspiration from and how they see that their work contributes to the world.

I do like to see creativity at work. Whether it’s at the canvas, the camera, the kiln or the loom. And it’s good to know that not all graduates swap their ideals for corporate life. I just have to make sure that thoughts like ‘What’s that supposed to be?’ and ‘When would you use that?’ remain subdued.


Like this two tier sofa displayed in a recent furniture exhibition. Can’t see that Heals will have it on sale.

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