How to plant indoor bulbs for Christmas

The girls tell me off for using the ‘C’ word too early. But I have an urge to create at the moment, the first conkers are on the ground and there is an autumnal chill in the air. So I decided to plant some indoor Paperwhite narcissi in order to fill the air with their scents at Christmas. Planting bulbs is not usually my domain so I consulted good old Alys Fowler who taught me the basics. Bought the bulbs from a garden centre, checking that they looked healthy and were of a good size. Assembled my tools, including a plastic mat I decided to use as a kneeler. Got to watch the old knees at my age. Selected some pots fro the garage, including an old glass sink I found. Then set to work.

Filled each pot with soil two thirds of the way up. Placed in the bulbs, green shoot upwards (not that dumb!) Added more soil and lightly compacted it. Gently watered. Next question? Do they go in dark or light? Light apparently, til the frost sets in.

Creation is eternal. Creation is instinctive. And the garden is a great place to create. Another objective achieved!

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