Wobbly cycling

There are days when I am pleased to have swapped a Tube seat for a bike seat and today was one of them. There are few better places to be on a nice day than Rutland Water, man-made lake but nonetheless still very beautiful. I knew that the 26 miles perimeter was too much to expect on my first bike expedition is year. Ten miles was the goal but unfortunately, because we’d hired the bikes and only had two hours (including coffee time), we only managed six. Still, apart from the odd wobble I didn’t do too badly. I kept up the rear, as I don’t like setting the pace. There were few other cyclists now that the schools have returned so we had most paths to ourselves. Cycling is a brilliant way to see the countryside and stay fit. It’s a shame we live on a main road. I would never cycle on busy roads. The ideal environment is the Ile de Re in southwest France because cyclists are given preference over motorists and just about everyone cycles. Holland was similar last year, you don’t feel like a nuisance on the road. I’m not good free-wheeling down slopes. Like a child I put my legs out and hope that anyone watching me doesn’t recognise me. It’s like being a child and brings back memories of cycling in Manchester. But my home territory wasn’t so scenic!


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