Rhubarb and custard cake

I don’t normally bake cakes because I go on to eat them. And when there’s a massive cake and only two of you, you have to eat a lot before it goes stale. Well that’s my excuse anyway. My mother in law was a great baker and my sister in law too. Whenever we visit she always has delicious cakes on offer. Who can resist? Well today I made rhubarb and custard cake. My friend Diane has an allotment and often brings surplus fruit and veg. This week she brought rhubarb and a recipe to go with it. It is delicious and moist. I used Marks’ chilled custard.

500 gm of rhubarb
150 gm of sugar
250 gm of butter
Half tsp of baking powder
250 gm of self raising flour
4 eggs
150 gm of ready made custard

1. Roast rhubarb with a little sugar for 20 mins at 200 degrees – I forgot and left it in for nearly an hour, it was fine. Don’t boil though, it will be too watery
2. Mix custard, flour, eggs, baking powder, sugar together until creamy and soft
Grease a spring form tin
3. Put a third of the mixture in the tin with some rhubarb. And again. Then the final mixture
4. Put in the oven for an hour and twenty minutes. Put foil on the top for the second forty minutes
5. Eat with cream, ice cream, more custard or Greek yogurt! Yummy!


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