Crochet unravelled

I recently took up crochet again. The first time since school, all those blurry years ago. Using a gem of a book called Crochet unravelled I reminded myself of the stitches. Painstaking at first as I had to keep looking back to the pattern and undoing what I’d done. But faster and more satisfying once I got into a swing. There’s something about the rhythm that is calming and meditative. Like knitting but better because it grows faster and more forgiving when you make mistakes. You can also design your own patterns as long as they are not too complicated. As I am about to become a grandmother for the third time I have been crocheting a pram blanket. Knowing that my eldest daughter prefers shop made to home made I showed her the results of my efforts. She held it up to the light and said ‘Well it looks perfect’. Which it isn’t of course, but obviously acceptable. I like the thought that it might become an heirloom.


Wool is cheaper on eBay. I used merino wool for babies. Debbie Bliss is as the name implies. Bamboo hooks are better than the metal ones we used to use. I learned to crochet from my Mum. We both made crochet dresses in the 60s. I still have one of Mums. It’s long, black and glittery. Size 10. Maybe I’ll turn that into a blanket or something. There’s something about passing on these domestic skills that I like. If I have a granddaughter this time I’ll teach her too.


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