Wonderful Italy!

Why is it that you can go anywhere in Italy at any time and get a good meal? This would be impossible in or home town. We are in Spoleto in Umbria. The sun is shining and all is well with the world. What seemed like a sleepy town has restaurants still open mid afternoon. Lots of pasta dishes we didnt recognise, great local wine, a dessert with coffee and all for about £15 per person. Granted the free licquer tasted like cough medecine. But it was free and three of us drank it!

Shelley is said to have described Spoleto as ‘the most romantic town I ever saw’. Well I dont know about that but it does seem to have its fair share of winding cobbled streets, antiquities and galleries. Tomorrow it’s Assisi and then Wednesday Loreto, before moving to the Marches. The holiday we never thought we would have.



1 thought on “Wonderful Italy!

  1. Hi Cath, Great to hear that you are loving your holiday. Just think a few months ago….

    Got back from Oz lat week. Had a lovely time with the family including a holiday on the Sunshine coast at a fabulous place called Noosa which so Show felt a bit French and then a few days on the Gold coast which was more like a sophisticated Blackpool.

    Sad to come home but only 5 months before they come back here for 3 weeks next Easter.

    Noticed the cold and darker nights and mornings as soon as I got back. Don’t fancy winter and I have no holidays booked. I’ll have to work on it.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay and let me know when you want to come up for the weekend.

    Love to Stew

    Ann x

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