Ballet and all things Chinese

A typical cold restaurant in Shanghai

I am interested in all things Chinese. Daughter 2 has just returned from a work trip to China and has been telling us tales of what it was like. About how people kept their coats on in the office where there was no heating. One employee made a tent to surround her hand holding the computer mouse. About the Peoples Park in Shanghai where she saw crowds of old people gathered in clusters, seemingly haranguing one another. She read later that they go there looking for partners for their children. About the shack-like restaurant that served delicious food that cost five pounds for two. Having only been to Hong Kong myself, and really only seen the banking quarter, I am left yearning for real China. The nearest I normally get is The Laughing Buddha in town.

A couple of years ago I heard the Chinese broadcaster and writer, Xinran, speak at the Hay festival. She talked about the ‘good women of China’ whose stories of the harsh ways they were treated remained suppressed until she started to broadcast them. And then wrote a book of the same name. I was riveted by her tales. Then I helped a Phd student called Margaret (euh?) with her dissertation on the use of the Internet in China. What I read was quirkily written but mind-boggling. I wondered how she could do her PR job with this level of censorship. We became friends, exchanged details but apart from a Valentines card (?) I never heard from her again. I wondered if the content of her essay had been seen by her bosses.

So, seeing that the Chinese ballet was coming to Nottingham I booked tickets and brought along two daughters and their boyfriends. Who weren’t sure what they were letting themselves in for. This is what we saw – see link. Ballet will never be the same again. And the kids may think ballet is always like this…

3 thoughts on “Ballet and all things Chinese

  1. When you first asking me, I was hesitant, ballet wasn’t for me. After a bit of persuasion from Susie I said yes. It was one of the best performances I’ve been to. The strength, creativity and accuracy was phenomenal. I would recommend it to ANYBODY.x

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