The easiest ice cream ever

I have so many cook books, it’s embarrassing.  And they are all on show in my kitchen, making me look like a poor woman’s Nigella.  I get a regular monthly food magazine, gift from daughter & family.  But still when entertaining I tend to panic and rely on tried and trusted favourites.  For starters, bruschetta and tomatoes in the Summer, lentil and cumin soup in the Winter.  For main course a roast, with interesting vegetables or salads.  And for dessert the easiest ice cream ever. With or without another dessert.

The easiest ice cream ever
Ingredients: large double or whipping cream; tin of condensed milk; vanilla essence drops

What to do

  1. Whip the cream til stiff
  2. Add condensed milk and mix gently with a metal spoon
  3. Add essence and freeze.

No taking it out every couple of hours, it just freezes perfectly and easily.
The thing about this ice cream is that it always gets compliments and looks lovely.  Add your own extras.  I have added lemon zest and limoncello (why did I buy it?, tastes better in Italy!). Baileys and coffee.  Leftover Christmas pudding.  Meringue bits. Orange curd and zest.  Cassis and black fruits.  Hot espresso poured over. Anything works.  Put in a pretty glass bowl or individual dishes.  Tie a ribbon round.  Add greated chocolate.  Or do you know what, just serve as vanilla ice cream – divine in its own right.

I made this scrummy dessert last Saturday and was about to serve with amaretti biscuits.  But my two diet-conscious friends didn’t eat it.  So we did.  Yes it’s calary-loaded but you don’t eat much.  (Unless you’re my husband and eats bucket-fuls, hence the high cholesterol!)

Bon appetit!

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