High hopes

When I am asked, ‘Are you busy?’ I always say yes because I always am.  But not always with paid work.  I’m just always in achiever-mode, that’s just the type of person I am and I see no reason to change. I make a list of the things I want to do.  And I have lists of lists: menu listings, reading lists, letters to write and so on. Writing the list makes me feel that I have accomplished something already.  I have to have at least six things on the list every day.

Take today for example. I started off at the gym because I am trying to keep fit and if I’m honest lose half a stone.  But from what I believe it’s easier to cut off a limb to lose weight than it would be pumping iron. I have a list of exercises to do and the number of times to do them but I never remember the precise movements so I don’t know if I’m really improving.  And I never ask for help.  I’m anonymous and invisible in the gym and I prefer it that way.  There are too many Adonis-like men and women there for me to want to stand out.  Some must be ‘elite-athletes’ from Loughborough Uni.  We see them all the time and in all weathers on Forest Road where we live.  I once backed into the gate watching Paula Radcliffe run up the road in her trademark purple joggers. Customer service at my gym is noticeable by its absence. I completed  a survey at the end of the last session, gave them zero for everything and then beat a quick retreat. After all I don’t want attention.

Post gym I took one of Nigella’s tips on feminism to practise being a domestic goddess in the kitchen.  ‘Tiramisu semifreddo’ for Sunday’s Father’s Day lunch and ‘Raspberry chocolate muffins’ for today, but not for me. Why is it that no matter how carefully I read the recipe there is always one ingredient I forget?  No white chocolate so I used dark. The raspberries sank and created soggy bottoms but they’ll still get eaten.  I think some of these baking problems may be down to my ‘It’ll do’ attitude.  Not very Nigella-like.

A dog with a hair-do

I went to the hairdressers as I realised I was starting to adopt the Brillo-look again. As I have been going to the same person for 10 years she fitted me in at short notice.  She was late arriving so I read Hello whilst waiting.  Another customer burst in and announced that she was also there for Adele and was in a hurry to have her own hair done as she had to take her dog for a hairdo.  ‘We’re going to Devon for a week and she gets a treat too’ . As I was marvelling about what the dog might look like, pre and post cut ‘n blow dry, a salon junior informed her that she’d got the wrong day, should have been there yesterday. Her reaction took me and the junior by surprise as she started to berate the salon for not reminding her.  ‘No, I definitely didn’t get a text.. Let me look… No, I would have made sure I made it…’. No apology, nothing. .  She hoped to be fitted in later but no luck. On the beach in Devon the dog will surpass her in the coiffure stakes.

Did anyone watch ‘Rock Choir’ on TV last night?  Googling today I discovered that there’s a new one starting in Loughborough and there’s a free taster session next week.  This must be fate rather than coincidence.  What fun! Trying to persuade Stewart to come along. ‘But I can’t sing’, he says.  That’s the whole point, anyone can do it, you don’t have to be able to.  It will be a challenge as I have been thrown out of any choir I was a member of.  Well only at both primary and secondary schools.  And both times for miming.  Funnily enough my brothers did too.  How odd, what does that mean?  Well I wouldn’t in an adult choir, what would be the point?

I listened to ‘Desert Island Discs’ with Kirsty Young this morning.  Another benefit of not ‘work working’. Her castaway was Andrea Levy whose first record was Frank Sinatra singing ‘High hopes’. I remembered that this was one of my own favourite records as a child. If the ant can move the rubber-plant then so can I bake, sing, exercise – and write a blog.

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