Kitted out in Knits by Nanna

As my family, friends and fans know I am obsessed with knitting at the moment. I love the rhythm, the feel of the wool and the fact that I am creating something original for the recipient. And that I was thinking about them with every stitch. I don’t knit items for myself, you see. It’s not the same. This little outfit is for Molly, aged four months, who loves my handiwork as you can see from her smile. Whether her parents relegate this outfit to the recycling bag is another matter. I hope she gets a little wear out of it. Socks are a real challenge because of the heel. But the only holes are button holes and there are no dropped stitches. If you look at Babywear you know that I haven’t saved any money. But that’s not the point. As anybody who creates will know you do it because you can’t not do it. It’s part of who you are.


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