An experiment in learning

Life’s short and there are so many things that I want to do. Things that I’ve never had the time, the skill, nor the inclination for. And some that I’ve paid other people to do, or managed without doing, or never thought of doing. So now that I’ve got more time on my hands I thought it might be useful and fun to draw up a modest list of 62 things to learn (my age this year) and see how I get on with them. If I share them with you then it’ll feed my motivation. And you never know you might want to try them too! Almost certainly some of you will be able to do many of these things already. So you can provide tips. And I’ll treat the whole venture as an experiment. Which means that I’ll be honest about my failures, as well as successes, and consider whether some of the lessons in learning that I’ve provided for others apply to me too, at my age. There has to be standards too. Just doing it isn’t enough. I’ll get someone who does know to judge. Not just me. If you don’t mind mention of the C word in August I thought I might produce some gifts, Kirsty style. Groans from the girls! Here is an initial list of 20. When I’ve done most of these I’ll add more…

1. Make and preserve sun-dried tomatoes – to avoid Tesco’s rip-off price for a jar
2. Speak Italian – well enough to get by in shops, bars, hotels and restaurants in October
3. Knit socks for a baby – with normal feet
4. Grow some winter veg from seed – edible results are a must
5. Plant paper-white narcissi bulbs for indoor growth – good growth and ready for Christmas
6. Use a sewing machine, threading it myself and sewing in a straight line (no, I really can’t do that!)
7. Sew a scarf – in an original Italian silk design (figure that one out!)
8. String broken beads (I have so many)
9. Bake and decorate a birthday cake (bad mother, never done this in my life)
10. Knit a beanie hat in an evening
11. Learn a poem a week – good enough to recite without prompting
12. Write a travel article – and submit it to a newspaper (no, not the Loughborough Echo)
13. Paint a room (nope, never done that either)
14. Meditate – for half an hour without fidgeting
15. Crochet a shawl
16. Light a fire (this is me, who doesn’t like to get dirty, remember)
17. Use a twitter account and tweet
18. Make and frame a montage
19. Organise a pop-up fund-raising supper – it has to be quick and spontaneous
20. Cycle 10 miles – without constantly getting off

That’ll do for now!


1 thought on “An experiment in learning

  1. Hi, Get you! I’ve only done 4 of these and I have no intention of trying the rest!! Good luck. Ann x

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