The British Library

If in London, with time to spare, go to the British Library. It’s dead near St Pancras so you take that in too if you’ve never been. You can also use their wifi for free. But more than that they have a copy of every book published I understand. About 150 million items. Including the St Cuthberts Gospel bought for £9 million. Small and blackish. The staff are very knowledgeable. There is a Peyton & Byrne cafe that does the most amazing sugar-rush cupcakes, or healthier, banana cake. The bookshop has stuff you may have never seen before, including their own publications. And you over-hear great conversations. I suppose writers and others must do their research there. I listened in to one such conversation today. A young woman being interviewed for what I don’t know, but it was embarrassingly stomach churning. I wanted to give her feedback and tell her not to try so hard. But these are difficult times.



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