Who cares about the Royals?

Apart from the fact that most people get an extended holiday this weekend, who actually cares about the Royals? We subsidise them hugely. They drain our much needed resources. They are privileged, cosseted and not very bright (despite their private educations). They dress nicely and smile. But many people could do this, given their income and budgets. They made their money from imperial plundering. They support the military. The queen is supposed to be well liked despite never being heard to utter anything of any significance. Tepid, vapid. Why do so many people adopt a deferential and obsequious stance when it comes to the Royal Family? Let’s face it, the arguments for the monarchy don’t hold any water. If we got rid of them, tourists would come anyway. Like they come to see battle sites and Shakespeare’s tomb. The Parisian monuments attract more tourists than ours and France is a republic. People might still come to visit the tombs of dead Royals like they do with Popes and dictators. They are used by the government for political purposes, currently to deflect from the current political situation. They act as a mouthpiece for government, like puppeteers. Why are we spending all this money on river boat processions, dinners and the like? Tradition is bunk. We shouldn’t be metaphorically doffing caps. Would be just irritating if we weren’t paying for it all through our taxes. Hope none of my friends have bought anything red, white or blue this week.


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