Some things I won’t do…

Despite my feminist credentials there are some things I won’t do. I never empty bins. I don’t clean windows. I rarely put petrol in the car. And I don’t garden. All of these things involve dirt and mess. Man tasks.The only time I get my hands dirty is when it comes to babies and children. Then its a pleasure. Otherwise I’ll call on the nearest man to do the job. I don’t see this as inequality. It’s just about preferences. So as Stewart digs, seeds, mows and plants I watch him but don’t get involved. Well that’s not quite true. I do select the plants sometimes. And suggest where they may be inserted. Watching Alan Titchmarsh at the Chelsea Flower Show is interesting because I get ideas. Like those fantastic orange tulips, Ballerina. I can take notes and make lists because I know that these flowers will just appear without any effort on my part.

Like these lovely poppies and white flowers (I never know names). Once it rains this poppy will disintegrate.


Then there are the lilies with their gorgeous perfume. My mum would never allow lilies into the house because she associated them with death. But they are beautiful.


At the moment everything is verdant and flourishing. The herbs at the back door are trying to creep in. I keep forgetting to make peppermint tea. And why do the recipes I want to use require herbs we don’t grow? Oh well, back to reading … And watching Stewart…

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