Walk, talk and fork

I made a New Year resolution to walk further and more frequently. So at least one day a week I go for a long walk with a friend. We talk and put the world to rights. Sometimes we just walk and don’t talk. Walking is good for the spirit as well as the body. But it’s pouring down today and I’m afraid I’m a fair weather walker. My walking mantra is ‘walk, talk and fork’ when we eat at some point. Even better is ‘walk, talk, fork and cork’; you can guess the add-on for yourself.

Today ‘the fork’ is cheese and onion pie, one of my favourites. It’s really simple to make. No fancy Masterchef recipes needed.

Shortcrust or puff pastry. I like the all butter version. Look this isn’t a recipe for dieters!
A lot of grated cheese. Strong cheddar or the like. I’ve even used Stilton to add to the mix
Half an onion, cut small. Or a leek if you have one
A beaten egg

What to do
Roll out the pastry to fit a greased pie dish. With a pastry brush coat the rim
Put a spoonful of water with the onion and boil for one minute in a microwave or a bit longer on the hob. Pat dry with kitchen towel
Grate a lot of cheese
Add the cheese and onion to the dish
Add the pastry cover. The butter on the rim should glue the pastry together
Flute the edges with your fingers and trim excess pastry
Bake for about 30 minutes til golden. 180 degrees

Serve with cherry tomatoes baked with the pie for the last ten minutes. Add herbs and black pepper to them. Or use tinned tomatoes. Or any other vegetable you fancy. Don’t make it too sophisticated, this is a Northern dish. They probably serve it at The Ivy where celebs eat a costly version. Heart-warming. We love it!


Ross’s version for his Nan!


2 thoughts on “Walk, talk and fork

  1. So it’s ‘fork, talk and cork’ and not the ‘walk’ today is it? Don’t blame you. Just got back from walking Bella and it’s not nice out there. Enjoy! xx

  2. Hi Catherine, Thelma and I also decided that we needed to walk more but we have chosen a different fork; we are walking home from work on a Thursday and eat at different pub each week. This has been a fantastic way to see different neighbourhoods catch-up, and eat somewhere different. All on a budget of $60 for two. But I have to say, for a cold night, you pie looks fantastic. Regards Louise

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