Healthy and ‘appy

It’s that time of year when many of us count the cost of over-indulgence. I blame Susie. I was 9 stone before my last pregnancy and never really recovered. Then, like magic, getting to 40 meant I piled on the pounds. A sedentary lifestyle, an unwillingness to diet and too much alcohol don’t help either. So I am on a get healthy regime and I have a new app to help me. It’s called FitnessPal and it’s dead easy (and free!) You key in your details and then establish a goal. I am being realistic and not looking for massive loss, recognising that later most people just pile on the pounds again. A pound a week would be good though and would keep me motivated. Not that I’ll know as our bathroom scales don’t work. And I’ll keep it that way. Don’t want to obsess. For exercise I’m going to walk. Though I could do with a companion to stop me making excuses. I have a friend who walks every day, rain or shine, at 6am. I don’t have that self-discipline, preferring to have a slow start to the day if I’m not working. I’ve tried the gym and it’s boring. I hate the loud music and am never really sure whether I am doing the right thing. Also our gym is full of Loughborough University super athletes who hog the equipment and walk round flexing their muscles. Makes me feel like the granny I am. Also I am completely anonymous in the gym. Not that I want fuss but a little customer recognition would be nice. Why don’t the receptionists raise their heads and acknowledge customers as they enter? So I am going to walk more instead. Walk into town, only a mile away, easy peasy.

Anyway back to the app. FitnessPal makes calorie counting easy. Every time you exercise you type in what you have done and it gives you the calorie count. Same for food and drink. It works out the totals so you are monitoring your intake. It will be the alcohol detox that will be the difficult part. So no alcohol for a month for me. According to a medical report in The Independent today alcohol abstinence can lull people into a false sense of security if you regard it as a quick fix, so I guess I need to make long-term resolutions about drinking less. You would think that I’d drink less now that my husband doesn’t drink. But it’s the reverse. I start a bottle one night and finish it off the next. Not good. Out come the old milk thistle tablets (they cleanse the liver apparently).

Although I may have given indications to the contrary, I am not one given to fads, diets, tablets and silly goals. But I’m determined to get healthier and stay that way. With the help of my new app.

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