Vintage buying and selling


I have just made my first purchases on eBay. You’ve guessed it: a vintage pattern and wool. Bargains all of them. Can’t tell you what the pattern is as the worthy recipient may read this. Then a Christmas tablecloth with embroidered Santas. I love it and reckon I got a bargain. I could get used to buying like this. I hadn’t thought of doing it until my friend Ann told me how easy it is and how she gets rid of unwanted and unworn clothes in this way. Even the most humble M&S item can fetch pounds she says. Perhaps it’s the fun of the bidding that gets people going rather than the desire for the item.


Feeling confident that I could do the same I have just put 10 items on for sale. I learned some of the tricks. Like get your blonde and slim daughter to wear the garments. She could make a sack-cloth look good. I photo’d them on a mannequin but they looked too stiff. And wearing them myself was out of the question. Susie hides her face but still looks good. Another trick is to try to make sure that the bidding finishes Sunday evening when people have time. Most of the activity happens at the end. Susie said to use words like ‘vintage’ and ‘indie’ to attract people. I would have thought of the former but not the latter.

So every morning I check on the action and answer seller questions. Three of garments are mink furs that belonged to my mother in law. They were purchased in the US over 30 years ago and precious to her. We have photos of her wearing them at our daughters’ significant baby events. We have the bill for the coat – one thousand dollars! Wow, fancy spending that on a coat. I wonder who might be politically incorrect enough to buy them. Perhaps Russians or Italians who don’t seem to care what people think. Most items have been worn once or twice: a silk skirt worn at a wedding; velvet and sequinned jackets bought for Christmas celebrations. Sorry to see them go in a way but they clutter up the wardrobe.

Now as I consider Christmas gifts I think of eBay first. Listening to the news about people not shopping leaves me unsurprised. I’ll do anything to avoid it. It’s cheaper, better and more fun online. Got any more tips for eBay or favourite websites?

1 thought on “Vintage buying and selling

  1. Although it’s good to shop online for ease and using ebay for recycling presents etc and ultimately saving money, it’s also quite sad that Christmas shopping as an event seems to be dying out. I know it’s a pain and often too crowded but it seems like the internet replaces a lot of the events we used to do. Now it just takes a few clicks.

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