Publish your own book

20110914-215058.jpgIt’s easier than you might think to publish your own book. And again ideal for an occasion. When Susie was 21 we struggled to know what to do that might be special. But she loves children’s books – still has a collection of Beanos – and so we decided to create a book


. The idea came from a holiday in Corfu where we’d seen a poor dog attached to a zip wire as we walked to the beach. The dog became the inspiration for the book.

We imagined that he might have had adventures unbeknown to us. And as at the time Alex was living in Italy Corfu was transposed there. Neither of us had much time to compose is gift so we recognise we


could do better. But Susie loves it – as we hoped she would.

A friend of ours will be having one of those ‘start of a new decade’ birthdays soon. She writes poems and we hope that one of her family will decide to create a book for her. It could be accompanied by family photos. You don’t have to wait to be discovered today to get published. Do it yourself. See the last blog for tips on how to put. Book together.



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