We hate PowerPoint, don’t we?

Apparently there’s a political party in Switzerland that, if elected, wants to ban PowerPoint.  Hurrah! So it can’t just be me that feels like this, then.  How many times have you sat through interminable slides that end up being issued post or even pre talk that would have saved you precious time if you’d just read them and not bothered to turn up. Bad graphics, illegible charts and tables, whizzy animations (that aren’t!).  Poor speakers use it as a crutch, some business types and academics to show off. It’s dire.  Poorly constructed and instantly forgettable.  And then there’s clip art… don’t get me going… I’m trying to design training without using it – not for the faint-hearted but you have to try.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

  1. Speak from the heart and keep it short.
  2. Use index cards or an iPad on a stand
  3. Use a flipchart – pre-prepared.  Get an artist friend to do it for you.
  4. Employ a graphic artist to draw as you speak.  Plenty of talented young people can do this and you can help advance their professional skills.
  5. Use props to bring your topic to life.
  6. Use video or music.
  7. Include interactive exercises.
  8. If you must … use Slide Master, keep it simple, be bold.
  9. Ask anybody under the age of 30 (OK, Johnathan, 33)  what they think of your efforts.

Any other tips?

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