Boomers with zip!


Stewart on his new Kindle

That’s me – a cool baby-boomer. I can’t believe it! Here am I using an iPad at my age. This week has seen a breakthrough in older Brady IT literacy. After some gentle persuasion from friends and family Stewart agreed to get a Kindle for his birthday. This is a real breakthrough for someone who does not use a mobile phone nor a computer, whose understanding of technology is a lawnmower, and who thinks software is a woolly jumper. When he turns on the Kindle he talks about ‘booting it up’, he even asked one of the girls ‘how many pixies does it have?’ But still he’s keen to read in a different way. It will relieve the hand luggage problem on holiday and the case with a light means he can read in bed without disturbing me. Bliss!

Now I have this iPad. And I am already an anti-social a geek, eating my breakfast as I write. I’m a bit scared of this small device as it has a mind of its own and makes decisions for me. It corrects my spellings, for instance. It’ll take some getting used to. I have always tried to avoid touching a computer screen in case I damage it. But you have to touch the screen on the I-products. It amazes me the way it jumps around and changes direction. If I shake it, things move on the screen; computers don’t do that. I am just in the process of ordering ‘apps’, a new thing for me. As I am gliding over the icons to make my choice I suddenly see the word ‘purchased’ on the screen and panic. What have I done? I’m anxious… I might have bought a lads’ game, subscribed to a porn site or adopted a baby! But no, Dave tells me laughing, just carry on. Everyone of my age needs a young IT mentor. And he’s really patient.

I’ve downloaded Skype, BBC I-Player, Pages, Trainline, Learn Italian, the Guardian, Jamie’s 20 minute meals and TED. Can you suggest any more please? Those of you who know me know my passions – see top of page!

3 thoughts on “Boomers with zip!

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  2. That’s it just carry on. Soon I will have you completely under my control. Then we can see about closing them libraries!

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