Blogging at 60

This is Dave

Who would have thought it
Don’t you agree
That it’s some achievement
Especially for me
To write my own blog
With some pics and some news
And for book fans amongst you
Hay tales and reviews.

Texts are too brief
Emails forgotten
Letters infrequent
Meetings less often
Blogs are my chance
To attempt to attain
Time to reflect, reconnect
So our friendships sustain.

So thanks to young Dave
For his confidence in me
‘Not too old at 60’
I have to agree
For his design and IT skill
I am the biggest fan
(Unusual for me
To give praise to a man).

I invite you to join me
It could be great fun
We can share things together
And learn things each one.
If you want to write back
And need help with IT
I will ‘lend’ my young mentor
But he doesn’t come free (reasonable though!)

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